As part of the Academic Reproductive Partnership we are keen to provide our patients with the best evidence-based approach to treatment. Our association with IRDB (Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology) at Imperial College and our location within a busy tertiary referral hospital means that we frequently undertake research projects.

Kisspeptin Study

We are currently conducting a trial of a hormone called kisspeptin in IVF treatment. The study will investigate whether kisspeptin can stimulate egg maturation in IVF therapy. Research cycles will be fully funded and participation does not affect eligibility for future NHS care.

In order to take part you need to have:

  • Age 18–34 years
  • BMI 18-29 kg/m2
  • Normal menstrual cycles ranging from 24-35 days in length
  • No more than one previous IVF treatment cycle
  • Both ovaries intact
  • Normal Blood tests (E.g. Follicular phase serum FSH concentration (≤12iu/l), Serum AMH (>10pmol/L))

Please email if you would like more information.

Thank you
Professor Waljit Dhillo, Dr Geoff Trew, Dr Anna Carby